WebsiteCapture: A Free Website Capture Tool

This application enables users to capture whole web pages in a single click and to save them in various image formats. If right click is not allowed on a site, using this software is the easiest way to save content.

Why is it useful?

  • If you want to save an image on a site where right click is disabled, you can grab the whole site in a click. If you are a programmer, you can save the image by hacking the source of the site, but it is much more time-consuming.
  • If you are a web developer and you want your portfolio to be displayed as up-to-date screenshots on your site, this is the fastest way to generate the sceenshots.


   In addition of all features of a excellent plain text editor also it has:
  • Captures the entire page, not only the visible part of it
  • Automatically removes unneeded borders, scrollbars etc
  • Saves images in various formats (jpg, bmp, gif, png, tiff, tga) and sizes
  • Uses built-in internet explorer for page rendering
  • It has batch capture mode (capturing multiple HTML files)
  • Saves remote web pages using URLs, local web pages or even HTML fragments
  • Intelligent UI, it saves your preferances to registry
  • Translatable interface to any language (available in English, German and Hungarian). If you want to contribute a translation, make it based on the default.ini (English) found in the Languages folder. Don't forget to send it to me so that it could be included in the next release.



If this software is useful for you and you want to help me to make it more advanced you can make a monetary donation. Your donations will help me to update my software (development tools, OS) and my hardware, also with your donation I will spend more time in the project in both development process (adding features, fixing bugs) and user support (answer questions from users, visiting forums).


File Size Description Release date
Setup 3700 KB The program that will install WebsiteCapture 12/08/2008
Source code 3800 KB C# source code of WebsiteCapture 12/08/2008


  • All the people around the world who collaborate with his translations, bugs reports and suggestions.